uSTEM offers an evolving selection of services in culturing, reprogramming, characterizing and differentiating stem cells.

We focus on our customers’ needs, adopting a customer-centered approach. We aspire to excellence, creating flexible solutions that allow us to proficiently and cost-effectively provide cell reprogramming services suitable for any research need.

Induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) are a type of pluripotent stem cells that can be reprogrammed from adult somatic cells from different sources: skin fibroblasts, urinary or blood cells and more. iPSCs offer a potentially infinite supply of patient-derived samples, able to satisfy a wide variety of research necessities. They can be used to develop in vitro preclinical models of diseases, for drug screening platforms, genetic studies and personalized medicine.

Reprogramming of somatic cell

uSTEM offers a customized feeder-free reprogramming service of human somatic cells.


  • the best source donor samples, from fibroblasts to renal epithelial cells;
  • the reprogramming method, from non-modified mRNA to Sendai Virus and self-replicating mRNA;
  • the most suitable hiPS culture medium.

Characterization of reprogrammed hiPSCs

Our standard characterization package provides the customer with a report on immunofluorescence positivity to the stemmness markers NANOG, OCT4 and TRA 1-60.

Services on request:

  • karyotype analysis;
  • immunofluorescence detection differentiation assay into the three germ layers;

After-sales service

A team of dedicated specialists will provide personalized support for your hiPSC culture, granting an accurate follow up, tailored to your research needs.

We strive to provide the best possible service and guarantee smooth and clear communication with our customers.