Luni C, Giulitti S, Serena E, Ferrari L, Zambon A, Gagliano O, Giobbe GG, Michielin F, Knobel S, Bosio A, Elvassore N. 2016. High-efficiency cellular reprogramming with microfluidics. Nat Methods. 13:446-452.

We report that the efficiency of reprogramming human somatic cells to induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSCs) can be dramatically improved in a microfluidic environment.

Microliter-volume confinement resulted in a 50-fold increase in efficiency over traditional reprogramming by delivery of synthetic mRNAs encoding transcription factors. In these

small volumes, extracellular components of the TGF-b and other signaling pathways exhibited temporal regulation that appears critical to acquisition of pluripotency. The high quality and purity of the resulting hiPSCs (m-hiPSCs) allowed direct differentiation into functional hepatocyte- and cardiomyocyte- like cells in the same platform without additional expansion.

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