Dynamic and fast growing, our team includes biotechnologists, bioengineers, pharmacists and management consulters with extensive experience in delivering human somatic reprogramming services to clients around the world.

The team draws on its diverse skills set, years of experience and its technical expertise to offer our clients the highest quality service.
Actively involved in the international scientific community, we combine knowledge, expertise and devotion to find practical solutions to better serve society.


Nicola Elvassore

Chief Executive Officer/Co-Founder of Onyel Biotech Srl

Elena Serena

Head of GMP R&D/Co-Founder of Onyel Biotech Srl

Onelia Gagliano

Head of Technology & Innovation R&D /Co-Founder of Onyel Biotech Srl

Logal Adam Eric

Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Accounting Officer and Treasurer at Opko Health, Inc.

Rubin Steven Daniel

Director and Executive Vice President-Administration at OPKO Health, Inc., Secretary & Vice President at The Frost Group LLC, and Independent Director at Cocrystal Pharma, Inc.

Carney Patrick Joseph

Chief Executive Officer/Co-Founder of EirGen Pharma (Ireland)

Brennan Thomas Francis

Chief Technical Officer/Co-Founder of EirGen Pharma (Ireland)